Pentingnya Penanaman Moral dan Konsep Kepemilikan pada Anak Usia Dini

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Dewi Komala Sari


When children are at an early age, there are several aspects of development that must be developed, including moral development. This development is certainly very important to instill early on so that children do not become immoral children and understand the rules that apply around their environment. A simple example is that a child always asks for permission first when he wants someone else’s property, either for the purpose of borrowing or asking. Just as the problem is found, that is about a child who likes to take other people’s belongings without the permission of the owner. Surely this is something that cannot be tolerated because it will become a bad habit until his age continues. To get rid of these bad habits, it requires a method of habituating behavior in daily activities both at school and at home so the children get used to it.

Keywords: Childhood Morals, Concept of  Ownership

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